Italy: Summerkiwi to double production in 2006

Rome - Founded in Romagna in 1980 - thanks to the passion of Maurizio Dal Pane for the kiwi cultivation - the family firm Dal Pane Vivai has become one of the most important in Europe with its brand Summerkiwi ™.

The brand characterizes the special kiwi variety called "Summer 3373”, which was obtained after a long selection (about 18.000 hybridizations were necessary!) and thanks to the collaboration of the University of Bologna.

The kiwi "Summer 3373" is the first and only precocious kiwi variety in the world. The fruit ripens during the summer and can be picked up to 50 days earlier than other kiwi varieties (such as the Hayward).

The shape of the "Summer 3373" is elongated and well proportionated, its pulp is bright green, with a soft inside and a sweeter (up to 18 brix degrees) and more delicate taste than other varieties.

The contents of vitamin C, calcium and potassium are very high, with very few calories. The acreage of the firm Dal Pane in Italy amounts 270 hectares, with a scheduled increase of another 60 hectares in 2006; also in France the actual acreage of 100 hectares wil be increased with 50 more. In 2005 about 1.500 MT kiwi Summerkiwi ™ have been produced, but the outlook for this year presents double that quantity, with 3K MT.

This exceptional productivity result has been obtained also thanks to the G.D.C. (Geneva Double Curtain – see table below and photo above) cultivation technique, which allows a more effective pollination, a grater exposition to the sun, an earlier beginning of the cropping phase with a larger fruit yield in size and in quantity compared to other cultivation techniques.

The main markets for Summerkiwi ™ are Italy (30%), Switzerland (30%) and France (20%), but the product is also exported to Germany and to Scandinavian countries. The 2005 turnover amounted 2,5 mln. euros (the foto shows a new packaging, introduced with great commercial success during last October).

“Our Summerkiwi ™ brand is quickly expanding with the best perspectives, thanks to the characteristic sugar taste of this kiwi, which is very much appreciated by consumers”, as the marketing manager Giampaolo Dal Pane says.

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