Summerkiwi will launch new packaging next season

The season for kiwifruit from Summerkiwi has just been finished, but Summerfruit, the company which markets the label Summerkiwi, is already busy with the preparations for next season. At Fruit Logistica in Berlin, a new packaging which will be introduced next season was presented. "Starting next season, we will also pack our kiwifruit in an easy punnet," says Giampaolo Dal Pane.

The kiwifruit packed under the label Summerkiwi is produced in Italy and France. The season for this kiwifruit starts at the end of September and continues until January. "The season has just been finished and it was a very good season for us. We have packed 3500 MT of kiwifruit under our label Summerkiwi," says Giampaolo Dal Pane. Giampaolo Dal Pane sees an increase in the production of Summerkiwi and he wants to expand the acreage. The most important markets for Summerkiwi are France, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Summerkiwi is an early ripening kiwi variety which is new thanks to its colour, fragrance, taste and quality. "Kiwifruit packed under Summerfruit is more aromatic and juicier. The fruit is sweeter, has more colour and a better taste," says Giampaolo Dal Pane.

Summerfruit was founded with the aim of running and promoting the new early ripening kiwi variety, through the trademark Summerkiwi, the rights of which are its property. "We pursue the aim of spreading, increasing the value of, and assuring all passages this variety will perform: from the production of the plant in the nursery, to the final consumer who will eat the fruit," says Giampaolo Dal Pane.

Hort Source - 13/02/2008
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