SUMMERKIWI™ is rich in vitamins and minerals with very few calories and it has the greatest concentration of nutritional elements.

It is an excellent means to strengthen your immunizing system, to avoid bacterial and viral infections, and to fight against tiredness.

SUMMERKIWI™ supplies the daily requirements for the 9 nutritional elements which are considered to be the most important ones for our health, as the analysis of Bologna University confirm. [view certificate]

It is rich in C vitamin, which is prerequisite for a good state of our bones, teeth and blood-vessels, and which favours iron’s assimilation in our organism. C vitamin is good also for our skin, since it fights premature cellular ageing and wrinkles formation; it protects cellular membranes from the assaults of free radicals, which increase in number due to a greater sun exposition. It has a light brightening effect, so it can prevent an irregular tan for those people whose skin tends to form stains due to sun exposure; moreover it stimulates the production of collagen, our skin‘s connective tissue, making the cutis more tonic and elastic.

A vitamin protects our mucous membranes and is prerequisite for bones and teeth growth.

It is also rich in E vitamin, whose anti-oxidant action helps us fighting against cellular ageing.

A vitamin protects our mucous membranes and is prerequisite for bones and teeth growth.

It is rich in E vitamin, well known for its antioxidant action, able to slacken cellular ageing.

Within the B1-B2 vitamin complex, B6 vitamin and pantothenic acid are indispensable to proteins’ metabolism and to red blood cells’ formation.

Not less important, PP vitamin is stored up in our liver and is used in reactions liberating energy.

SUMMERKIWI™ contains more Folic Acid, too, (B vitamin complex), which is prerequisite for pregnant women in order to prevent some foetal diseases.

For what concerns minerals, it has a greater Calcium content, which is extremely important for the prevention of diseases of our skeleton apparatus (such as osteoporosis). It is rich in micro-elements, too, such as Copper, with its important role to metabolize iron; Zinc, important in collagen’s synthesis and in wounds’ cicatrisation; and Selenium, protecting red blood cells and their anti-oxidant action against cellular ageing.

Moreover, SUMMERKIWI™ is a natural source of Magnesium and Potassium, actively contributing to a normal blood pressure.

At last, the high fibres content, such as Pectins, helps us fighting against blood’s cholesterol and against constipation.

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